These Might Be The Causes That Made Your Printer Unable To Respond

These Might Be The Causes That Made Your Printer Unable To Respond

February 20, 2019 0 By admin

If both of the causes of the printer are not responding, you have checked, but nothing, it could be the third reason this is the cause of the printer not responding to your computer. Incompatible, it could be that your printer is outdated and not suitable with your Windows that has been upgraded to the latest Windows. If it’s like this, there’s no other way than to replace your printer. Meanwhile, check out the best printer cartridges near your location as well.

Before deciding to have a printer, make sure your printer is a printer that is compatible with the latest windows and other OSes. If not, the printer will not be effective if connected with various types of computers.

Printer Prints Too Much

Each printer has the ability to print paper quantities. For Canon Pixma 2887, for example, the printing limit is 5 reams of HVS paper. If the printer has reached the maximum limit, what could happen is that the printer does not respond to the print again. You could say the printer has experienced fatigue. In this case, your printer will be offline. Even though all cable connections are correct and the printer is turned on, the printer will not respond. Then how do you deal with this offline printer? You don’t need to worry. Because printers with these conditions can still be overcome.

Hardware damage

This is the last reason that is the least desirable. If you have done all the ways to repair your printer, but it has not been successful, then it could be the damage to your printer hardware is the cause. Check cable connections, cartridges, ink conditions, and all parts of your printer. If you still can’t respond too, you can check it into a trusted and experienced printer service. Generally, printers have ages. Reasonable use should not damage your printer. A printer that is easily damaged is a printer that is too widely used, and too rarely used. Many cases, the printer is damaged because it is rarely used. So before the damage appears, just use your printer. Even though a day only prints one paper, print it. Because that is part of printer maintenance.